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Unveiling the Future of Floorball: The Big Blue Floorball School's New Logo

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Big Blue Floorball School (BBFS) logo, which represents the school's fresh and modern approach to the sport of floorball. The sleek design, modern font, and striking colors make this logo stand out as a symbol of BBFS's passion for promoting the sport and developing players on and off the court. The blue colour used in the logo is a nod to the blue floorball court and the endless opportunities for knowledge and skill development in the sport. The round shape of the logo represents the ball, while the striking lines symbolize the four core values of discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fun. These values are at the heart of BBFS's mission to help players reach their full potential and enjoy the sport of floorball. The upward movement of the lines in the logo embodies BBFS's goal of constantly pushing players to improve and achieve their goals. The sleek design and modern font showcase BBFS's commitment to the future of floorball, and its accessibility to all. At BBFS, we believe that floorball is more than just a sport - it is a way to develop important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and perseverance. The new logo is a representation of our dedication to this mission, and our commitment to helping players of all ages and skill levels reach their full potential. We are proud to unveil this new logo and look forward to seeing it become a recognizable symbol of our commitment to the sport of floorball and the development of its players.

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