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Embarking on an Adventure: BBFS's Shanghai Floorball Trip 2024

The Big Blue Floorball School (BBFS) community is on the brink of an adventure that promises not just the enhancement of skills but also a horizon-broadening experience for our young athletes. This June, BBFS will journey to Shanghai, China, for a floorball trip that epitomizes the spirit of growth, adventure, and cultural immersion.

The Essence of the Trip

The BBFS Shanghai Floorball Trip 2024 is more than a sports tour; it's a carefully curated journey designed to foster skill development, teamwork, and global exposure. Scheduled from May 30th to June 4th, this trip invites our athletes to train and compete in an international setting, offering them a unique blend of competitive play and cultural exploration.

Training with the Best

At the heart of the trip is the opportunity for BBFS players to engage with Shanghai Pinghe School, renowned for its excellence in floorball. Our athletes will participate in friendly matches against their teams, allowing for an exchange of tactics, skills, and sportsmanship. Joint training sessions with Shanghai Pinghe's coaches and players will provide our team with insights into different playing styles and strategies, enriching their floorball acumen.

Exploring Shanghai

But the adventure doesn't stop at floorball. The trip is designed to ensure our players experience the vibrant culture and iconic landmarks of Shanghai. Highlights include visiting the Oriental Pearl Tower, where players can marvel at the city's panoramic views, and exploring the magical world of Shanghai Disneyland, offering a delightful contrast to the competitive atmosphere of floorball matches.

Growth Beyond the Court

The Shanghai trip is emblematic of BBFS's commitment to holistic development. By stepping into an international arena, our players are encouraged to grow not just as athletes but as global citizens. This experience is about building resilience, embracing new cultures, and developing a sense of independence and confidence that transcends sports.

A Call to Adventure

As we count down to this exciting journey, BBFS extends an invitation to all eligible athletes and their families to join us. This trip is a testament to our belief in providing our players with opportunities that challenge them, inspire them, and ultimately, transform them.

BBFS's Shanghai Floorball Trip 2024 is more than a destination; it's a journey towards becoming better athletes and enriched individuals. We look forward to the stories, the friendships, and the growth that will emerge from this extraordinary experience.

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